What I want, I will get. :D

June 9, 2010

Did you ever accompany your mummy to work when you were little?

I did.

On Saturday mornings, I vividly remember.

Everything thing about Raffles Place awed me.

The towering buildings, intimidating.

The patch of grass in the middle of the busiest intersection.

The old newspaper vendors.

The smart looking corporate people.

The signature hot Lattes everyone clutched.

And the Blackberry.

I wanted it since forever (even before Qwerty keypads infiltrated Nokia phones). Mama told the then in primary school, me, that I would own it IF I became a banker. Because all bankers owned one. I wanted to become a banker.

Then, it became hipper. It became cheaper (no doubt, very much more affordable). And everyone started having it.

And then I changed my mind.

Because I saw this….


My sister is going to laugh at me because I am an Apple idiot.

But Steve Jobs has wowed the world again. And this time, I want a slice of the pie.

No my iTouch doesn’t count because I won it.

I want to legitimately spend the money to get my hands on an overpriced piece of pretty metal.


Ooh, the above picture comes from one of my favourite blogs, thenotebookdoodles. Check it out! :)


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