Mr Yummy pays Macquarie Street a visit.

June 11, 2010

Granted, I should not be online in this crucial week. But I got so excited just now I felt I should share it before the whole heartbeat-increasing moment passes.

Was half way through the heteroskedasticity chapter when I heard the most cheerful music, ever. Sounds like a tune straight off some christmas carol cum disney cartoon. So I peeked through the window blinds and I saw the most intriguing sight, a yellow happy-looking van.

Screamed for my housemate and we rushed out through the garden exit and saw a row of giggling children clutching $10 bills as the yellow happy-looking van drew to a halt.

There were kids (some with irritated mothers in tow) running out from the houses left and right. They were the slower ones. I took to the queue like bees to honey while the housemate of mine smiled indulgently from the sidewalk. Sweet treats and her don’t go hand-in-hand. Plus it was cold outside and in our rush, we forgot the jackets.


This sure made my day! :)


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