Leaving on a jet plane…

June 25, 2010

My last paper of this semester ended on the 21st of June. I am now 2/3 of the way done with my university life. Its passing faster than I want it to be!!!!!!! Studying is tough, but I suppose working is tougher. :(

Anyway, got the first flight back to Singapore the next day so it was a mad rush having post-exam celebrations, packing my room, doing laundry, deciding on the clothes to take home for my New Zealand holiday, etc.


Having had cereal 3 meals a day for a week straight, I had to have buffet after the papers. Deprieved you know??? So housemate Leng went to research and she found Korean BBQ buffet down at Fortitude Valley. So we hitched a ride from Michael and headed down for a good meal.


It costs $27 but I didn’t think it was very worthwhile because the meat was not really nice and neither were the seafood fresh. :( but it was still awesome because of the lovely company!


Many of them still had papers the next day but they still turned up because its my farewell dinner!!! *touched*


After dinner, those of us who have finished our exams headed for drinks at The Royal Exchange Hotel, a Wild Wild West themed hotel down at Toowong, to catch my first World Cup match, North Korea VS Portugal. When we sat down, the score was 0-1. 30 minutes and a jug of beer later, the score was 0-7. Really humilating for our Asian Pride. :(


Cheers to the end of another successful term (I hope). Thank you Guna for the treat!!!

Came home on the last bus hastily started filing notes, baking cupcakes, folding clothes, baking cupcakes, packing study table, baking cupcakes. Haha, yeah I am so hooked on this new game lah…. Stupid, waste time but oh-so-cute game. Gosh!


That is me cam-whoring with my huge wardrobe mirror while waiting for Michael to come and pick me up for my flight. I love mirrors. Especially BIG mirrors. *indulge in a bimbo moment* he even detoured to DFO so I could grab a bite because aeroplane food just sucks.


Hanhui and I didn’t sit together because I wanted to attempt to get upgrades to business class and the chances were higher if you were a single traveller. In the end, I didn’t get my upgrade and the seat beside her was taken so I had to sit alone which turned out just fantastic!

Spent the whole flight talking to this Swiss guy beside me who actually lives on Byron Bay! He told me about surfing beside dolphins, waking up to the sound of whales playing and sunrise by the lighthouse. It sounds really idyllic and pretty and he made me determined to do a little touring there next semester. :D

I also played with a cute little girl in front of me and chatted to her mother who is German. Talked to another fella who works in a management company that undertakes firms in the red, restructure them and sell them off when they are financially sound. Venture capitalist? Hahaha… Glad some of my exam studying got useful in making me not sound like a total goofball. I barely had time for movies and games as we chatted the whole plane ride home.

Best of all, I did not even feel sick because I was so active throughout. (FYI, I usually suffer severe motion sickness!)


And because I did not fall asleep, I saw the only pleasure of plane rides. From the afternoon glare to the the pink hues of evening and eventually, sunset in a multitude of colours. :)

I think the happy flight experience made me high. Because I actually went up to this muscular guy at the baggage claims area and said “hey, you are from UQ right?” he was and I know because I have been seeing him in lectures. But courage to approach strangers like this usually eludes me. We even chatted abit. Hehe..


Touched down in Terminal 2, and got swamped by my waiting fans!

Haha, no lah the pictures are of some Korean band. Since I am neither a hysterical teenager nor a fangirl (like Alisa is), I was more amused than excited by the sight before me.


Proceeded to have Japanese dinner because it was raining and rain makes hawker centres inaccessible.


Came home to a stack of shopping waiting for me. Glee~ the impulsive ASOS dress buys have not arrived yet. Pooey~


Nice to have a proper dressing table and not work out of a cosmetic basket as I do in Brissy.

Unfortunately, my skin has become so spoilt over this period I am getting breakouts!!! Back in Australia, I use the full range of Lancome. From cleanser to night cream. Back home, my supply is a mish-mash of many brands. Skin protested almost immediately. :(


My breakfast the next morning is Pontian Wonton Noodles. Yums!!

Followed by going to the temple to pray and finally the hair treatment I was dying for. Something about the Australia air just makes my hair go frizzy and split-ends aplenty!


Went to Mama’s current favourite stylist at Jean Yip, Bugis branch who really took butt-licking to a next level!

I thought the last time when I complained I was hot and he sent a junior stylist out to get me ice kachang, or when pineapple tarts was sent during the CNY period, was pretty impressive already. This time, he sent a junior stylist out because Mama was talking about needing teabreak and me dragging her to salvage my hair instead. With service like this, I forsee him staying in my mother’s good books for a long time.

I don’t even think he claimed the money from her.


Shortened my fringe into this sideway bangs thingy… Really wanted to colour and highlight my hair but the idea was promptly shot down by the mother who thinks dyeing hair should only be for old people with white hair. Bleahx…


Me: Wei!!! How come I cannot see anything? No battery ah?
Alisa: You didn’t remove the cap how to see!?!?!

I agree that was dumb. But she taking photos of my dumb moment was epic.

Both my sisters have cool cameras now!!!! I also want a cool camera! Big big one!


On my current “want-list”… Olympus Pen E-PL1. It looks like the one Xiaxue is currently using but its not. This is the cheaper version I think. I am a lowly, poor student afterall. :(


4 Responses to “Leaving on a jet plane…”

  1. mz Says:

    i like the pics u took in the airplane, the different times and colours of the sky, they’re nice! :)
    and was wondering if the Korean band is U-Kiss? hmm…
    Btw, u look gd in that dress from online shopping =)

    • Joy Says:

      which dress? the yellow one?? its my sister’s one.. frm forever 21. the grey one with me in geeky specs is frm a blogshop but i think its abit tight. need to jian fei!! :(

      haha ya the view frm the top v pretty but my friend say night flight even better bcoz its all starry!!!!! i cant wait to see! :D

      yeah, alisa said the fans were for u-kiss. i didnt know u were a fangirl?! hahahaha!!!!!

  2. mz Says:

    nope, not the yellow one… it’s the grey one I meant. Tight can show your figure ma.. hee.. :)

    If you get to see the starry view, take photos!!! I wanna see too!! hee..

    as for the fan thingi, not really. It’s just my sis kinda into entertainment news, esp Koreans nowdays, so well.. will hear it once or twice(no, I meant everyday!) hahaz!!!

    • Joy Says:

      i think the grey one too tight.. lets go exercise!!! and my camera not zai enough for night view de. :( :( :( but i will try! :D

      ur sis can shake hand with my sis. exams coming still got time to follow entertainment news. lol.

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