Pieces of my memories.

June 27, 2010

Was halfway sorting through the photos from my Easter Break (May). Hahaha, very outdated… But at least I am getting around to it. When I suddenly grew contemplative.

You ever get that feeling where a certain place or something reminds you of that someone? It does not have to be a significant other or your best friend, it could be just a passer-by but made an impact on you at that particular moment? A memory you can never go through again.

Bedok Reservoir Macdonald reminds me of my O-level mugging period. The time where I really got closer to Ting and gang because we always send SMS radio dedications to 98.7FM.

Red mini vans on Friday nights remind me of Gerald and the whole SPSE clique.

Motorbikes on rainy evenings make me think of Adrian. Even the upcoming The Gale condominium that is building behind my place makes me wonder how is he faring.

Changi Village star-gazing and long chats remind me of Darren and it makes me quite upset that once I started to actually believe that platonic friendship can exist, it fell through.

Swensens and Secret Recipe brings to mind Hazwani, Maziah, Xinyu and Jia Jin. Because having racially different friends, we need halal restaurants at the top of our minds.

Vision Crest and Guo Cheng. Old ulu Bugis building and Guo Cheng. Very very 邪门 until we couldn’t believe it. LOL.

 Overseas trips and I think of Cheeleng. In the short 2-3 years I have known her, we have worked in China, nearly gone to Finland for exchange, represented our CCAs in Redang, holidayed in Kuala Lumpur and is now studying in Australia.

Cyclists on roads makes me think of Wei Ming and how he cycled from Ang Mo Kio to Loyang just to knock on my window and say good luck before some exam. Or when I woke up to morning text messages at 5am because silly boy forgot the rest of the world doesn’t wake up when army boys wake up.

And Goh Jun Hong Zest who has been my most trusted “partner-in-crime” for the past 4 years and who have been revolving around me constantly – never really here but never really gone. Some nights I do get frustrated at our status (or lack thereof). Other nights I am happy I am ultimately single and available to play the field. Haha! To give him credit, nearly everything in Singapore, we have been there done that. I am starting to worry for the day we complete Singapore. What then?

Of course there are many other friends whom I think about from time to time… The above are just examples of the flashbacks happening of late.

There is someone I have been missing alot too. Brain says no. Heart says go. But because my heart always always always get me into deep shit, its the brain I will be following this time round.

Do you guys go through moments like this too?? And I get an average of about 50 hits a day so its really unfair you know so much about me but I don’t even know who you are! :(


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