Evil Dr. Porkchop

June 28, 2010

Fine, this title has nothing to do with this entry but I just caught Toy Story 3 and this name just stuck. :) Pixar has outdone itself again! This sequeal is by far the best Toy Story ever and to think I loved the first one.

Watching this show made me miss my toys… Wherever they are now. I even cried towards the end and Zesty Boy was so cute. He slid the tissue to me but pretended not to see my tears all over his arm. LOL.

My favourite part. Hahaha… My favourite toys~

Because my family has like 3 girls, we had loads of Barbies. Christmas and birthdays, just loads and loads! We had a hair salon, a childcare centre, a sweet shop, even an ice-cream palour! We had Barbies of all sizes, with different coloured hairs and they all had an identity! My favourite was the typical blonde one who had her own pink mansion (with flowers in the garden) and red sports car. Trixie loved the brown one (whom she called Theresa) who also had her own house with a pool and elevator. The other less popular ones were either the evil stepmother or the maid or just abandoned at the bottom of the box. LOL.

We even had kid-sized Barbies to go with the playhouse and babies to go with the hospital. Ponies and horse-drawn carriages were for the days where we felt like dressing Barbie up in princess attire. Haha… Those were the days where we still played together and shared stuff.

Growing up means different priorites and borrowing clothes or electronic gadgets became the only things we share now. If we even share those at all.


Anyway I have been in Singapore for nearly a week already. It sure has changed since I last remember it. For starters, we now have 2 casinos, 1 themepark and the circle line. Last November when I returned, 3 new malls sprang up in Orchard Road. I wonder by December when I come back for good, what else has changed.

The people has changed too! I really need to learn not to impose my Aussie habits here.

1) At Tampines MRT the other day, I said “after you” to a middle-aged auntie. She stared at me as if I was possessed then pushed past me and squeezed onto the train. Not a single “thank you” or an appreciative smile.

2) I am used to putting snacks in the fridge back in Brisbane I forgot my Singapore home houses a dinosaur (aka my brother) anything good in there, is gone the next day!

3) $4.50 bubble tea is expensive by Singapore standards. I really should stop converting everything back into Australian dollars.

4) Bowls and dirty laundry disappear when I leave them out overnight. Thanks to my very efficient maid who probably checks my toilet every hour. Even stuff I intend to wear later on gets thrown into the washing machine before I can say “no”.

5) Friends here don’t stay under my same roof or next door for that matter. I need to leave the house earlier and not call them 5 minutes before the meeting time to say I overslept and expect them to still be at home.

6) Its very easy to find buffet here so I need to stop pigging out at every chance I get. :P

Gtg change now!!!! SPSE meet-up later~~~~~


2 Responses to “Evil Dr. Porkchop”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Thanks for another great post, I like coming back to read your blog and your twitter updates.Thanks for the inspiration it will help with my new blog

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