Butter Cookies: THE NEW RECIPE

July 1, 2010

Just came back from Butter Factory’s Ladies Night. This is going to sound very noobish but its my virgin visit since they moved to One Fullerton. All in all, it was an amazing and very eventful night.

What started with dinner plans got called off and in my rush to meet the girls, I forgot the all important I/C. OMG~ so came the whole plotting to smuggle me in through various ways but I ended up just passing myself off as Cherlyn. Yes, we totally don’t look alike but the bouncer let me in anyway. So much for memorizing her I/C number and address. -_-”

Then we met a girl called Vivien who put us on the VIP list and we could enter special rooms WITH VIEWS OF THE MARINA BAY SANDS!!!! ^^

Anyway, what happened in the club shall be shush shush just to leave you to your imaginations. Kekeke!

Ending with a photo!!!! :) the other clearer shots are with Cher who is renowned for her slow uploads so I wouldn’t be holding my breath on this one. :P

Shall hit the sack now.. Pedicure appointment tomorrow unlike my poor dears who have to work like responsible adults. Heh heh!


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