2nd Semester gone with the wind~

July 7, 2010


Pretty pleased with my grades. :)

Only I really put effort into my Investments module… Easily twice as much as I studied for the other subjects. This is making me really skeptical against Corporate Finance next semester. Econometrics was a pleasant surprise (my Math really CMI) and the theory paper was quite a downer because I got high distinctions in the mid-terms.

But my parents seemed happy enough when I showed them. So thats all that matters ultimately. :)


Bye bye computer-based mathematical software programmes,
Bye bye colourful highlighted lecture notes,
Bye bye roller coaster month of June.

Till next semester, adieu~


3 Responses to “2nd Semester gone with the wind~”

  1. xue Says:

    hahaha 1 more sem to go! very fast right?

  2. xue Says:

    totally agree gal! working life is no fun :(

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