the date: 07/07

July 7, 2010

I can’t believe it! I have been in warm Singapore for more than 2 weeks! In just slightly over a week, I will be headed back to freezing temperatures. :(

I am a teensy excited to go back to Australia. All the freedom, the independence and the sins beckon. Keke! But first, I have to get through tomorrow. *groans* been too caught up in all the playing over the past 2 weeks, I nearly forgot the holy date of 07/07 where results get released!


Been eating too much recently.. Having a bad tummy ache now. Tried to sleep but I am sort of worried for the results. I never had such a heavy semester before.. 3 core modules and an advanced Math course was really pushing it. I am just praying I do alright and not have to repeat or let anything affect my New Zealand holiday. Zzz~


Its times like this, you just need a hug.


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