Singapura oh Singapura

July 14, 2010

This holiday has been a very eventful one. Practically been out and about every single day, managing to reduce my bank balance to nil (despite not buying the dream camera) and I still have a week in Singapore left! Oh no!!!


Been pigging out in restaurants with the family alot. The plan always start with hawker cravings but because of rain or the bloody hot Singapore weather that makes me sticky and all pissed off, we end up in aircon restaurants instead.


Had my much anticipated Xiao Long Bao session at my trusted Din Tai Fung (Tampines branch) and was horribly let down by the Egg Fried Rice! The lousy waitress even dared to say the fall in standard was due to some Taiwan headquarters decision. A week later, I ordered the same thing at Din Tai Fung (Resort World Sentosa) and it tasted awesome! :(


Hotcakes breakfast brightens up my whole morning!!!


And off we went to fly my new kite (the one I lugged all the way back from Brisbane) at the open field next to Tampines MRT station. ^^ apparently, we didn’t follow the instructions quite right so our poor kite could not lift off. Thankfully, a passing uncle noticed our plight and set things right. 


Up, up and awayyy~


After getting all sweaty and sunburnt, we went for shaved ice and tea break. The peeling skin lasted for a week though.. *ouch*


On the first weekend, Mama kept her promise of pampering me! We headed down to Erabelle Prestige for a yoga class and massage. The nice people there provided us lunch after yoga because exercise makes our tum-tums growl. :P


Then they let me pick my kimono… I chose the blue one this time round because I tried the red, pink and purple ones already. Shall wear green the next time. :D

Mama the lazy bum did not wear it because wearing it (requires 2 assistants) plus doing up the hair-bun (another assistant) and then removing it shortly for the massage was too much work for her. -_-” I think she’s been here with daddy and my 2 sisters so many times she is immune to the whole hoo-haa already. Pfft!


Fortunately for me, I am still very into dolling up. :)


Usually, mummy books the VIP room where its big enough for two but because it was all out this weekend, we had to have our massages seperate. She got the tatami room and I got the Queen’s Chamber with attached claw bath! I love the lights with the streamers of paper cranes.

Hmm, I don’t like abrupt endings but its bedtime. Good night!


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