Back to reality

July 29, 2010

3 flights in 5 days is just plain horrid. Aeroplanes and me don’t go well together.. :(

But holidays as usual are always awesome. For those who didn’t know, I have been in cold cold New Zealand the past 5 days. Living it up in 5 star hotels with huge plush beds and room service was really really really fantabulous. But the waking up at 6am to embark on our daytrips was a chore. Joy Joy ain’t a morning person.

Still, the scenes I saw blew my mind. Snow-capped mountains for as far as my eye can see. Lakes so huge and still, a perfect reflection of the beautiful scenery. Hmm, shall let pictures do the talking when we finally sort out the 1000+ shots. :)

Came back to Brisbane and was greeted with a very dirty bedroom. Who knew dust collects so fast?! Just vacuumed the floor, washed my bedsheets, wiped all open surfaces, etc. I feel like Cinderella past midnight. :(

School tomorrow. 3 day week! Yayness~


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