Why is Brisbane so hot???

August 1, 2010

This semester started on a rather high note with a bunch of people graduating, we have been busy busy meeting up before they return to their respective countries. There is so much more “intelligent” talk on jobs and economy when all we used to do is laugh and do stupid stuff.


Last night, Cheeleng and I met up with our ex-housemate for Asian food! He treated because he got a generous internship that pays AUD20 per hour and he is not limited by the silly 20 hour maximum work limit per week of an international student. That works out to about AUD3000 per month? For an industrial attachment! Does this mean when we all officially graduate, we would be asking higher pays than this? *hopeful*

After dinner and alot of catching up, we headed to his place… Kimberley reckons Manors (the place I am currently residing at is 5 stars) and her new place is 2.5 stars. I haven’t seen her new home but at the rate Elaine complains about Black Widow spiders and thousands of ants in the bathroom, I must be appreciative. Despite how the perpetual mess in my room begs to differ.

$2 steak for lunch today and if weather permits, I am going to scale the Story Bridge! :D


6 Responses to “Why is Brisbane so hot???”

  1. xue Says:

    woah alv pay is so gd! any lobang for me hahaha
    The NZ trip muz great based on how u describled!
    we miss u too i was bullied by ur boy at Jess chalet sob sob :(
    but the chalet was great!!! we slept and had fun hehe
    wish that ya here too gal be back soon k :D

    • Joy Says:

      alvin use connection to get his current job de. haha! but i think the market rate here is 20 per hr? you come back lor… then can get this kind of salary. hee.. if my boyfriend bully you too much, i allow you to get your boy to sit on him. :) :) :)

  2. xue Says:

    Muacks muacks Joy joy! hahaha okie next time if my boy bully you I will help you scold him back keke :P

    Ya lo zest v bad leh kept suan-ing me during jess’s 21 chalet.. mayb cos all guys ba then Jess is busy entertaining her guests so I was bullied badly by ur boy until i have to complain to my boy who is so busy eating away! arhhhhh oh well we shld hv noe tt ahahahaha :X

  3. Kent Says:

    I very scary mehhh?

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