An hour with a Mac and it isn’t that hard to use!

August 3, 2010

Second official day of school… 2 days of lessons ending at 8pm is pretty saddening. Especially when I expected the weather to have warmed up, severely under-dressed and nearly froze to death. Thank god for Michael and his car. Haha. Today is another late night and the worse being, I got lost just now. Eeek! I am so used to having the walking map directory of a housemate beside me and suddenly when we have to go our seperate ways (cue: emo song) I got stranded.

Anyway this semester I am taking basic modules because I have sort of completed all my requirements. I actually get marks just for doing tutorials! A far cry from the rigours of final year subjects. A hardworking student, I shall be.

As I type this on the library’s Mac desktop (its so chioooo I want to be an Apple fanatic too!) my stomach is grumbling. But browsing Ekka showbags is making me happy. :)

Dreadful Corporate Finance later, wish me luck!


3 Responses to “An hour with a Mac and it isn’t that hard to use!”

  1. xue Says:

    cl nv take same modules wif u this yr how come?
    did u take the UQ bus home? or no more bus at 8 le?
    you shld bring a umbrella or somethg and pretend to be scared if u c tt flasher at Carmody.. hmm is he still there?

    • Joy Says:

      oh ya hor! i forgot abt the bus… haha! good good i got 2 8pm lessons this sem. shall use the bus more. :) cheeleng same as me 2 modules but we took diff class. coz i sign on in sg and she sign on in aussie so we nv coordinate. :)

    • Joy Says:

      oh i seldom go carmody… seldom even go hawken even. haha. coz the bus nearest to my place is to toowong and city de. lol.

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