Long distance birthday countdown…

August 19, 2010

Very packed week… 3 tests, 2 assignments and favourite boy’s birthday… I was complacent in the law test and I made a stupid mistake. There are only 5 questions so 1 stupid mistake = 20%. :( and Corporate Finance is weak. Another finance paper on Saturday and its time to get started on my report, Harvard Referencing style… What the hell is that?! Okay fine, I do know what it is that but its so tedious. :(


Webcamming with the boy at 1.08am because silly doofus thought when I said “virtual rendezvous at midnight” I meant SG midnight. -_- that is 2am Australian time and way past my bedtime. Neh neh!


Typical childish 23 year old behaviour!!!!! Hahaha.. He like to tempt me with Honey Stars cereal because I love that and I cannot find it in supermarkets here. But I brought in 6 boxes from Singapore, Yay for me! So he took my second favourite, Fancy Gem biscuits… The old school type! But I have 8 PACKETS in my secret stash! Muahahaha!!! So we ended up comparing whose have more icing. -___- Joy Joy is such a pig. :P


Current wallpaper!!!! To remind me to be a good girl and loyal girlfriend. LOL.

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Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIPOPO! You and your impossibly thick skin leave me cramping in laughter night after night. Cheers to old age! :P


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