Small bits of day-to-day..

August 23, 2010

 One day last week, Yee Voon cooked Bak Kut Teh so we brought over our share of dinner for a small potluck party. :)


Yum yum yum. :) considering if I take care of my own meals, baked beans become my staple, this sure is a spread…


After dinner, we played with magic cards and….


Henna which flew in with with Cheeleng all the way from Singapore.


Then surprise surprise, we popped by Internatial House to visit Han Hui!


And ended up having dessert of $2 Magnum icecream! Yays…

This week have been quite packed.. And my mood has not been friendly especially to the boyfriend. Threw fits of temper and going from laughter to tears in mere seconds.. I wonder what is wrong, I didn’t use to get so ticked off so easily. Sigh, but he says he loves me still and that he hopes we will pass the test of time. Now I feel bad. :(


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