The official Apple idiot.

September 3, 2010

I think I am the world’s biggest techonology doofus!

I haved iPods (the nano, the shuffle and the touch) for the past 5 years? I never once saw the need to download iTunes because I have a sweet sister who always update music and stuff for me. I just need to go “mei, the songs very old, very boring..” she will give me her signature glare but she will still put in new downloads for me. No matter how busy she is.

But the other day, yet another person laughed at my lack of iTunes and so FOR THE FIRST TIME, I downloaded it. Happily I attempted to sync the iTouch to my computer! It worked!!!

Unfortunately though, the moment I did that, every thing disappeared from my stupid mp3 player. -_-”

Gahhh! So fucked.


2 Responses to “The official Apple idiot.”

  1. narikodesu Says:

    Of course, when u sync, you are making it sync to that particular library, so your current songs on your iTouch would disappear! I don’t like syncing my iPod, I like to manually place songs, you can change the settings on your iTunes!

    • Joy Says:

      you can do it manually? okkkk, there is alot for me to catch up on then. :P

      i probably wont be able to see you before you head back to sg for sept break, enjoy urself ya!? eat many many mooncakes!

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