Live today, better than you have lived yesterday.

September 21, 2010

Two weeks ago, near Chai’s, Michael told me two caucasians were racing and they crashed. One car flipped over to its side and demolished part of the sidewalk as it whacked straight into it. St Lucia is so so so small, some houses and the university. The roads are tiny so why would anyone race here?

Yesterday, I was outside Nando’s waiting for a bus into Toowong. A girl ran across the intersection presumably to catch a bus into the city. It is post exam celebrations afterall. Suddenly, screeching of brakes and BANG! Girl left on the floor not moving, in the rain.

This happened just 5 metres from Chai’s. Car was headed in the direction of the school and the driver was probably Singaporean (by his bermudas and slippers).

Fire engine, ambulance, tow trucks, police and the whole lot of civil defence personnel came as curious onlookers gathered. It must be serious because the girl did not move the whole time and no body dared to approach her. All standing a safe distance away watching the show.

I don’t know why after MIA-ing for so long, I am back to blogging but about accidents. Hmm, but I can’t help but keep thinking about how fragile life is. And how we should live each day with no regrets, do what you want to do, say what you want to say. Because just a split second of poor judgement and everything ends.


2 Responses to “Live today, better than you have lived yesterday.”

  1. loti Says:

    life is indeed fragile. so pls take care when u are there.

    • Joy Says:

      you have to take care in SG also wor… i heard it has been raining alot? cars cannot brake properly in rain so dont jaywalk…

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