October 10, 2010

Been feeling really lazy to blog recently… Selecting photos and doing funny things to them just don’t interest me as much anymore. It must have to be that I am nearly 22 now. An adult. Fully and truely.

Plus, I can get more photos up on social networking sites quicker then they go up here.

Till the next time, good bye.


Joy is sick.

October 5, 2010

Forgive my absence. I went on a road trip to Byron Bay over the mid-semester break, got caught in the rain and is down with flu. To make it worse, I have some sort of heaty cough cum sore throat.

I am now stuck in a limbo because cooling drinks to soothe the cough ain’t cutting it for my runny nose.

Anyway, have decided not to drag it out and see the school health service (because there are no clinics in Brisbane, only hospitals) only to be told there is a $15 penalty if I am late for my appointment. Bully sick patient only. :( :( :(