October 10, 2010

Been feeling really lazy to blog recently… Selecting photos and doing funny things to them just don’t interest me as much anymore. It must have to be that I am nearly 22 now. An adult. Fully and truely.

Plus, I can get more photos up on social networking sites quicker then they go up here.

Till the next time, good bye.



July 19, 2010

Just back from a weekend getaway to Batam with the poly clique.


We finally got official.

‘Nuff said.

I am fat. So fat.

Everything I ate over the past 2 weeks came out of either a can or a packet.

I heard that isn’t very healthy.

Everyday, I wake up at 10am and sit at my desk till 5am.

I only move for toilet.

And food.

Microwavable, 5 minute preparation time, minimal washing, food.

But that is a thing of the past!

Mommy says she is planning a heap of indulging for me when I return tomorrow.

Yeaps, you heard me! TOMORROW! ^^

First she has me booked for facial and hair.

And then, off for more food again. :)))))

I am fat. A happy fat.

(FYI, this post was scheduled…. As you read this now, I am having Korean BBQ buffet with my Aussie gang down at Fortitute Valley. Heh heh heh! Food is love.)