Joy is sick.

October 5, 2010

Forgive my absence. I went on a road trip to Byron Bay over the mid-semester break, got caught in the rain and is down with flu. To make it worse, I have some sort of heaty cough cum sore throat.

I am now stuck in a limbo because cooling drinks to soothe the cough ain’t cutting it for my runny nose.

Anyway, have decided not to drag it out and see the school health service (because there are no clinics in Brisbane, only hospitals) only to be told there is a $15 penalty if I am late for my appointment. Bully sick patient only. :( :( :(


Money in, money out.

August 4, 2010

I hate school fees time of the year. :(

Every new semester (6 months), the fees rise by x% (due to inflation?) Rumour has it that UQ is funded by international student’s money. Without which, they cannot afford their lecturers and their building upgrades or research projects even. I suppose this holds true for universities all over the world, even back home.

Money talks.

When I first came, I felt like a rich kid. I was a rich kid with all the zeros in my bank account. But now I am $13000 poorer. And then I realised I don’t have many zeros left! Damn all the outings in the first semester. :(

Second official day of school… 2 days of lessons ending at 8pm is pretty saddening. Especially when I expected the weather to have warmed up, severely under-dressed and nearly froze to death. Thank god for Michael and his car. Haha. Today is another late night and the worse being, I got lost just now. Eeek! I am so used to having the walking map directory of a housemate beside me and suddenly when we have to go our seperate ways (cue: emo song) I got stranded.

Anyway this semester I am taking basic modules because I have sort of completed all my requirements. I actually get marks just for doing tutorials! A far cry from the rigours of final year subjects. A hardworking student, I shall be.

As I type this on the library’s Mac desktop (its so chioooo I want to be an Apple fanatic too!) my stomach is grumbling. But browsing Ekka showbags is making me happy. :)

Dreadful Corporate Finance later, wish me luck!