School’s out!

September 24, 2010

I better put some photos up here before I really get too lazy…..


Today, I submitted my first every university assignment. 2500 words, 2 nights without sleep and 3 pages of Harvard referencing and its finito~


Hanhui and I celebrated with huge-ass milkshakes at one of the school’s many outdoor cafes. :)


Started taking pictures around the campus because it has finally dawned on me that I am graduating this semester!!! Considering tomorrow is the start of the mid-semester break, I technically only have half a semester to working life. *groans*


Came home and saw the love letter Cheeleng has left me, it suddenly dawned on me that she will be in Perth for the next 2 weeks!!! My other housemate’s suitor flew in from Singapore and she was out too… :( fantastic start to my holidays hur?


Had dinner and movie with KS at South Bank.


And for the first time, I paid for my own make-up! Usually daddy picks it up from airport duty free or mummy pays the tab on one of our many shopping trips. Powder ran out this morning so a trip into city, I pointed to this (because of the bling bling mirror box).

The EFTPOST machine read AUD63. I didn’t know my make-up costs so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky I didn’t get a few more items because I totally forgot to transfer this month’s allowance into my spending account and it would be a mighty embarassing affair if my card got rejected. Zzzz.

Anyway, although I ain’t going to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns like all my friends are, I am looking forward to the week long break here in boring St Lucia. :)


Girls Night Out

September 8, 2010

Last week, met up with childhood friend Geri!


Tea was cake and “best hot choco” at Southbank’s Denim and Co. The hot choco came with shaved bits of chocolate (dark is the best) and a hot bottle of milk.


Dinner was burgers!!!

As usual, the highlight was the conversation and stupid things I accidently said. -_-”


Sweetie brought cheesecake for housemates and I.


Yesterday, after my first mid-sem paper, we met up with Jean for Wah! in the city because Cheeleng is recently very into all things Korean.

My, that was a very short update… But I am sleepy again! Probably should squeeze in a nap before I get busy with next week’s Corporate Finance paper. Sweet dreams!

♥ July Babies ♥

August 26, 2010


Nearly 2 months late, but better late than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Many pictures under the cut because I am considerate and don’t want to lag your internet. :P

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