School’s out!

September 24, 2010

I better put some photos up here before I really get too lazy…..


Today, I submitted my first every university assignment. 2500 words, 2 nights without sleep and 3 pages of Harvard referencing and its finito~


Hanhui and I celebrated with huge-ass milkshakes at one of the school’s many outdoor cafes. :)


Started taking pictures around the campus because it has finally dawned on me that I am graduating this semester!!! Considering tomorrow is the start of the mid-semester break, I technically only have half a semester to working life. *groans*


Came home and saw the love letter Cheeleng has left me, it suddenly dawned on me that she will be in Perth for the next 2 weeks!!! My other housemate’s suitor flew in from Singapore and she was out too… :( fantastic start to my holidays hur?


Had dinner and movie with KS at South Bank.


And for the first time, I paid for my own make-up! Usually daddy picks it up from airport duty free or mummy pays the tab on one of our many shopping trips. Powder ran out this morning so a trip into city, I pointed to this (because of the bling bling mirror box).

The EFTPOST machine read AUD63. I didn’t know my make-up costs so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky I didn’t get a few more items because I totally forgot to transfer this month’s allowance into my spending account and it would be a mighty embarassing affair if my card got rejected. Zzzz.

Anyway, although I ain’t going to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns like all my friends are, I am looking forward to the week long break here in boring St Lucia. :)


Second official day of school… 2 days of lessons ending at 8pm is pretty saddening. Especially when I expected the weather to have warmed up, severely under-dressed and nearly froze to death. Thank god for Michael and his car. Haha. Today is another late night and the worse being, I got lost just now. Eeek! I am so used to having the walking map directory of a housemate beside me and suddenly when we have to go our seperate ways (cue: emo song) I got stranded.

Anyway this semester I am taking basic modules because I have sort of completed all my requirements. I actually get marks just for doing tutorials! A far cry from the rigours of final year subjects. A hardworking student, I shall be.

As I type this on the library’s Mac desktop (its so chioooo I want to be an Apple fanatic too!) my stomach is grumbling. But browsing Ekka showbags is making me happy. :)

Dreadful Corporate Finance later, wish me luck!


Pretty pleased with my grades. :)

Only I really put effort into my Investments module… Easily twice as much as I studied for the other subjects. This is making me really skeptical against Corporate Finance next semester. Econometrics was a pleasant surprise (my Math really CMI) and the theory paper was quite a downer because I got high distinctions in the mid-terms.

But my parents seemed happy enough when I showed them. So thats all that matters ultimately. :)


Bye bye computer-based mathematical software programmes,
Bye bye colourful highlighted lecture notes,
Bye bye roller coaster month of June.

Till next semester, adieu~